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Moving on up… November 5, 2007

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Are you singing with me now?  Do I have that song stuck in your head?  Hee Hee Hee.

I’ve moved… I’m trying out a new format and server to see if it’s more “Rachel user” friendly..

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Shades of Memory May 4, 2007

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Shades of a memory.

That’s all every moment is really… a shade of a memory.

Each moment we live is a memory in the making.  Sadly, we as moms rarely document every moment  because as moms we know that we will remember every earth shattering record breaking moment of our child’s life.  Yeah.. right.

Every tooth, every step, every word, every laugh every gesture…

Look back on your life up to now… is it color, sepia or gray?  Our lives are merely shades of memories.

I watched my granny, the ultimate wonderful ideal of womanhood and love, as it were in my youth… I watched her… and my heart cried. 

A part of me broke inside and fell away.

Her memories slip through her fingers like sand, the colors faded and washed out.

Shades of gray have seeped in and taken over her once sharp witty mind and have now dulled the vibrant being…. slowed the tongue and saddened the eyes.

It’s a hard thing to watch your loved one being taken by the shades of gray.

Record.. by any means necessary.  Share your legacy and theirs.

Never let the memories become merely shadows.